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So birthday party....

It was fun, we drank all the drinks pretty quick, and then it kinda dwindled down, but then Mary came over and got really drunk and was macking on everybody. I go outside to have a smoke and come in to find her making out with Austin, which is funny because at the party last week, Mary made out with Josias... so anyway they were really going at it, so we all went up stairs and kicked it on the balcony, until Bryan, Thomas, Niel, Greg, Alex and Jared decided to go wrestle eachother outside on the lawn, I stayed up on the balcony and watched them, it was funny. Then, all of a sudden, Jackie, Austin's most recent ex-girlfriend (( not really sure if they ARE broken up )) came over, totally drunk off her ass, and she was going crazy. Mary was smashed and started puking and it took us like 3 hours to get her out and home. After Mary left, Greg, Alex, Thomas and I sat around watching Jackie do crazy shit. It was a lot of fun. Jackie left and then I left because there was no point in staying if the entertainment was gone. I made it back to the dorm and into bed by 5:15.

Best party in Lubbuck yet...

I still think, however, that the party at Hunter's lake house or whatever was my favorite to date
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