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an essay a friend of mine has to critique

Dan Rather’s bok, “The American Dream” describes what the American dream is. Essentially, the American dream s hop; hope of something better. That hope is drawn frm the selfishness of the average human. People, I general, are selfish and constantly want something better tan what they have. However, since it is general consensus, hoping for something better is accepted.
Certain things drive humanity to have their selfish behaviour. The need of money, th want of fame, the desire of acceptance; all of these make person do what they do They form actions and make our decisions. Yet, if we were to lose these basic needs, humanity would become hopeless. The point of living would cease to exist. Without the factours, life would be meaningless but with them life is selfish. The coexistence of both of these is paradoxical. It brings up circular reasoning and gets nothing accomplished. The only way fr anything to be accomplished is to give the selfishness a new name. The name of dream. Thus, the paradox is dropped, the meaning of life is restored. Everything is now alright. To make matters even worse, the word American is added in front of dream. It makes things more desirable. Things from America are seem to be more important. In life, no one ever says, “I want to go live the Russian dream,” because Russia doesn’t appeal to the public like America does But, n the end, a dream is still a dream It is still the selfish desire and betterment of the human life.
The dream of th normal American is that of anyone else. The dream to be known. Everyone wants to be known. Everyone wants to have some sort of impact on someone else’s life. Even the basic desire of that is selfish. Another American dream is the want of riches. Of wealth and fame. These dreams are usually put together because they go hand in hand. If a person is wealthy they are usually famous and the same goes for famous people being wealthy. People would love to be both. The idea of having more money and being more popular makes someone hopeful of being happier. And that is what dreams derive from. They want to be happier. The absence of happiness drives people to have their wants and desires and the abundance of those wants and desires create happiness. However, no one is ever truly happy. Even if they get something that would make them extremely happy, they would want more. They woul need more happiness. The human is never happy, just generally content.
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oh. my. god.
I still think your Icon is hott
I've read worse... in the last week at HCC no less
but am I surprised?
soooo how was you bday? bday boy?
did you actually read this?
yes sir I actually read this one
Okay, just making sure, because you didnt say anything about it...
its pretty retarted if I do say so meself

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